Oh, I'm discovering how this livejournal works. Nice to see there´s a journal dedicated to this wonderful world of norse mythology. I´ll absolutely stick around often. :)
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Networking opportunity?

Good afternoon,
My name is Angel, and I am a writer with a WIP that involves the world of the Aesir, the Vanir, and all the myths associated with them. It is a novel set in modern times, about a young woman who is chosen by forces she does not understand to stop a plot to hasten the coming of Ragnarok. That's putting it as simply as I possibly can... it's very complicated. While I do have beta readers who are assisting me, neither of them have any knowledge of Norse Mythology. I don't fault them for it, of course, but it makes for some very lonely work at times. I came to this community to get the POV of people who actually know about this fascinating world. I do hope to publish this manuscript some day in the near future, and so I'm taking my research very, very seriously.

While I'm at it, any really good books out there you could recommend? I just finished reading Padric Colum's "The Children of Odin", for the first time (no doubt I'll be rereading it about a million times before this is over). Any good translations of Snorri's Edda that I should own? Music that would provide inspiration? Or anyone interested in signing on as a beta reader purely for the mythological aspects?

Thank you in advance, and have a great day.
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English to Runes

I know this may be very odd and I hope it's not off topic, but I need a little help with something.

A friend of mine sent me two passages about Hugin and Munin that she wanted translated into runes for a back piece she's working on. Why she asked me to do it is beyond me, but that's why I need a little help.

First thing, do their names end with -n or -nn? I ask because I've seen it spelled both ways.

And the second needs to be cut do to images..

Question TwoCollapse )

Thank you for looking at my post, and I do apologize if this is off-topic or a waste of time.
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statistics out my ass

Am I wrong?

I've been aching for some time now to correct what I thought was a glaring mistake in the Norwegian Wikipedia's articles on Norse mythology. It was an error that spanned several articles, so I postponed it for a long while. Today I finally sat down and pasted all the relevant texts into a text editor so that I could cut, paste and edit. To make sure that I got the chronology right, I looked up a couple of sites I trust - like the Norwegian author Tor Åge Bringsværd's site - and googled the names to find out if there were any new, good online sources for mythology out there.

What I found confused me utterly. Bringsværd agrees with how I remember the myth, but one site in particular confused me. It, and other Norwegian sites with it, agreed with Wikipedia. Now, I think a lot of those sites could have used Wikipedia as a source and gotten it wrong that way, but the one site that confused me is actually intended for use in school, and comes with questions to each article for discussions in class and so on. In other words, I'm fairly convinced it was written by a teacher or someone else who ought to be competent.

So I turn this question to you: Why did Loki die?

The sources agree on the story with the house with the four windows and the river chase, but what made the Aesir want to kill Loki in the first place? Was it
- Loki's murder on Fimafeng and general rude behavious at Aegir's feast
- Loki's involvement in Baldur's death and him spoiling the one chance to save Baldur

The school site posts a disclaimer claiming that the chronology of the stories is disputed, I'd love to hear your comments on that. I'm terribly out-of-date on my research.

Color symbolism

I'm doing a project for one of my classes here at college and the assignment is based on color and its relationship to culture. I would really like to do something based on old norse culture and the mythology, only I'm having trouble finding information on what colors might have meant to them. Any color associations you know the culture had or any sources you could point me toward for gathering some more information would be greatly appreciated.
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Heimdall Parentage Question

I read a treatment a few years ago that said that Heimdall was the son of Odin and the "Nine Virgin Daughters of _____ (all of whom stuck together so that ____ was never able to figure out which one of them was no longer a virgin!)"

Everything I've seen since has attributed the full 9 mothers to Heimdall, but I really like the story of the 8 sisters covering for just one. Does anyone know where I can find it?

a question of swords

So, at a quick glance (and that's all I can do right now as I'm on base, and far-far from home and my books) I know that many of the gods have their weapons of choice, Mjolnir, Gunginir, etc. But aside from the kenning of 'Heimdall's head' meaning sword, or 'Heimdall's sword' meaning head (or possibly mind?) I can't think of any Named swords carried by the gods. Odin gave out swords, and dwarves made many of them, but I can't find any instance of 'this god's sword 'such and such'. Not really an urgent question, more of a curiosity considering how many famous swords there are in the sagas and histories.

(no subject)

Hey everyone.

I was wondering what rune or symbol you would associate with Loki? This may or may not be for tattooing purposes so it may or may not be very important.

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