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Norse Mythology

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auto-welcoming. [21 Sep 2007|11:15am]

[ mood | happy ]

Oh, I'm discovering how this livejournal works. Nice to see there´s a journal dedicated to this wonderful world of norse mythology. I´ll absolutely stick around often. :)

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Networking opportunity? [18 Sep 2007|01:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Good afternoon,
My name is Angel, and I am a writer with a WIP that involves the world of the Aesir, the Vanir, and all the myths associated with them. It is a novel set in modern times, about a young woman who is chosen by forces she does not understand to stop a plot to hasten the coming of Ragnarok. That's putting it as simply as I possibly can... it's very complicated. While I do have beta readers who are assisting me, neither of them have any knowledge of Norse Mythology. I don't fault them for it, of course, but it makes for some very lonely work at times. I came to this community to get the POV of people who actually know about this fascinating world. I do hope to publish this manuscript some day in the near future, and so I'm taking my research very, very seriously.

While I'm at it, any really good books out there you could recommend? I just finished reading Padric Colum's "The Children of Odin", for the first time (no doubt I'll be rereading it about a million times before this is over). Any good translations of Snorri's Edda that I should own? Music that would provide inspiration? Or anyone interested in signing on as a beta reader purely for the mythological aspects?

Thank you in advance, and have a great day.

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English to Runes [13 Sep 2007|01:45am]

[ mood | distressed ]

I know this may be very odd and I hope it's not off topic, but I need a little help with something.

A friend of mine sent me two passages about Hugin and Munin that she wanted translated into runes for a back piece she's working on. Why she asked me to do it is beyond me, but that's why I need a little help.

First thing, do their names end with -n or -nn? I ask because I've seen it spelled both ways.

And the second needs to be cut do to images..

Question TwoCollapse )

Thank you for looking at my post, and I do apologize if this is off-topic or a waste of time.

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A question for you all [12 Sep 2007|12:59pm]

What are peoples views on Loki?
I've gotten into discussions with modern pagans who view him as evil. What are your opinions?
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Am I wrong? [15 Apr 2007|02:40pm]

I've been aching for some time now to correct what I thought was a glaring mistake in the Norwegian Wikipedia's articles on Norse mythology. It was an error that spanned several articles, so I postponed it for a long while. Today I finally sat down and pasted all the relevant texts into a text editor so that I could cut, paste and edit. To make sure that I got the chronology right, I looked up a couple of sites I trust - like the Norwegian author Tor Åge Bringsværd's site - and googled the names to find out if there were any new, good online sources for mythology out there.

What I found confused me utterly. Bringsværd agrees with how I remember the myth, but one site in particular confused me. It, and other Norwegian sites with it, agreed with Wikipedia. Now, I think a lot of those sites could have used Wikipedia as a source and gotten it wrong that way, but the one site that confused me is actually intended for use in school, and comes with questions to each article for discussions in class and so on. In other words, I'm fairly convinced it was written by a teacher or someone else who ought to be competent.

So I turn this question to you: Why did Loki die?

The sources agree on the story with the house with the four windows and the river chase, but what made the Aesir want to kill Loki in the first place? Was it
- Loki's murder on Fimafeng and general rude behavious at Aegir's feast
- Loki's involvement in Baldur's death and him spoiling the one chance to save Baldur

The school site posts a disclaimer claiming that the chronology of the stories is disputed, I'd love to hear your comments on that. I'm terribly out-of-date on my research.
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Color symbolism [04 Apr 2007|06:03pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm doing a project for one of my classes here at college and the assignment is based on color and its relationship to culture. I would really like to do something based on old norse culture and the mythology, only I'm having trouble finding information on what colors might have meant to them. Any color associations you know the culture had or any sources you could point me toward for gathering some more information would be greatly appreciated.

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Heimdall Parentage Question [04 Mar 2007|08:55pm]

I read a treatment a few years ago that said that Heimdall was the son of Odin and the "Nine Virgin Daughters of _____ (all of whom stuck together so that ____ was never able to figure out which one of them was no longer a virgin!)"

Everything I've seen since has attributed the full 9 mothers to Heimdall, but I really like the story of the 8 sisters covering for just one. Does anyone know where I can find it?
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[04 Mar 2007|04:52pm]
So new. I read American Gods, so now I am interested. Was Odin half god, half man? Where is a good place to learn about the different Norse Gods? What exactly is "norse"?
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a question of swords [28 Feb 2007|07:59pm]

So, at a quick glance (and that's all I can do right now as I'm on base, and far-far from home and my books) I know that many of the gods have their weapons of choice, Mjolnir, Gunginir, etc. But aside from the kenning of 'Heimdall's head' meaning sword, or 'Heimdall's sword' meaning head (or possibly mind?) I can't think of any Named swords carried by the gods. Odin gave out swords, and dwarves made many of them, but I can't find any instance of 'this god's sword 'such and such'. Not really an urgent question, more of a curiosity considering how many famous swords there are in the sagas and histories.
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[02 Feb 2007|12:23pm]

Hey everyone.

I was wondering what rune or symbol you would associate with Loki? This may or may not be for tattooing purposes so it may or may not be very important.

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A quick question about Freya [05 Nov 2006|07:14am]
Does anyone know if the cats that pull Freya's chariot have names?
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Norse tarot [02 Oct 2006|10:34am]

Forgive me if this is inappropriate but...

Does anyone on this list have a Norse Tarot deck and book set by Clive Barrett that they would like to sell? Please contact me. Thank you.
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Beowulf & Grendel Showing in Austin, TX [13 Sep 2006|12:30pm]

So it's more Anglo-Saxon than Norse MYthology, but Anglo-Saxon culture is connected to cultures one associates with Norse mythology, so I thought some folks might be interested in this (or know friends who are). Austin will be having the Fantastic Film Festival from September 21-28 which will be presented by the Alamo Drafthouse’s South Lamar location. Ain’t it Cool News, is involved with the event.

Beowulf & Grendel: Advance Screening Adapted from the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, BEOWULF. (Monday September 25 @ 6:30pm)
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[30 Aug 2006|02:50pm]

This October, the Sacred Mark Sanctuary is offering two piercing ordeal
rituals in the Norse tradition:

Read more...Collapse )

PIERCING THE VEIL October 29, Frederick, MDCollapse )

We hope to see you this autumn!

Brightest Blessings,
Sacred Mark Sanctuary

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[04 Aug 2006|09:07pm]

Hi. I'm new here, although I've been interested in norse mythology for a few years now. I'm also an Asatru.
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New [02 Aug 2006|09:56pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new here, just wanted to say "hail!"
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Norse Saga Locations [06 Jul 2006|02:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am working on illustrating a saga, and am looking for help on beginning locations:

Thorstien's great-grandparents lived in Norway, and it is said (by Ari) that Thorstien lived at Burg in Burgfirth (as a chief). Thornstien's wife's family was from Iceland (village not noted).

One summer a ship came from 'over the main into Gufaros,' and later they ride to Hawkfell to do some maintenance on Thorstien's property out there.

I've done some research on the history of the saga, checked into the royalty that the people meet, etc. (and that checks out pretty well)- but I am having a really hard time finding resources on these placenames. I need to illustrate the area around where the saga takes place, and I don't want there to be say... mountains where there are none, etc.

Anyone here have an idea? Thanks for your help!
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[06 Jul 2006|12:49am]




Anyone planing on visiting Iceland soon?

Help stop the Icelandic government and arms manufacturer Alcoa destroying Europe’s largest remaining wilderness for an aluminium plant!

Be aware of the ‘master plan’ to ‘develop’ Iceland’s beautiful nature into a heavy industry hell servicing the greed of aluminium corporations!

It has already started. The Kárahnjúkar dam project in the Icelandic highlands is well under way... But it can still be stopped!

This was part of a region called "Kárahnjúkar" in Iceland,
now it has been destroyed for corporate profit

“Kárahnjúkar!? It’s only gravel and sand.”
-Siv Friðleifsdóttir, ex-Minister of Environment

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Question for a friend [03 Jul 2006|04:36pm]

In ancient or modern Scandinavian folklore, is there any method of divination that is or was used to predict the potential traits and qualities of a newborn child?
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The Ancient White Horse Stone Under Attack!! [22 May 2006|09:32pm]

-- From Britain: Urgent --

The Ancient White Horse Stone Under Attack!!

Once again the ancient White Horse Stone in the county of Kent, England and the area around it has come under attack from the mobile phone company Orange! Only two years ago Orange proposed to put a mobile phone mast and cabin next to the White Horse Stone, that application was rejected by Tonbridge and Malling council thanks to the support of many hundred of caring people, now Orange has applied for planning permission to erect an 8m high Double mobile phone mast less than 100m away from the White Horse Stone. (This time they have applied to Maidstone council as the proposed site is just on the other side of the boundary)

The White Horse Stone is an ancient monument of significant historical, archaeological and cultural importance. A sacred site to Odinist’s the world over and seen by many as the birth place of the English nation.

Unbelievably Orange’s proposed site is just 5m from the edge of Boxley Warren Nature reserve, an AONB and SSSI area. It is also just 5m from the North Downs Way, a long distance national trail.

We need your support to fight this application and to protect this ancient monument, our countryside and the environment from this insidious attempt to destroy our heritage and what remains of our green and pleasant land.

Please give your support to our campaign to save the White Horse Stone and the environment around it from this deliberate attempt to destroy our Heritage, we say deliberate because Orange know very well the history of this area and how people feel about it, yet they have once again targeted this sacred site. Orange’s arrogance is clearly demonstrated as two months ago they had over 150m of underground duct work and cable installed up to the proposed site before they had even applied for planning permission. Are they hoping this will be just a rubber stamp job! We hope the Local Planning authority will treat this arrogance with the contempt that is deserves and reject this application.

Below we have given some suggested points which you could raise in your objection letters to the council. Please do not copy them word for word, individual letters have a much greater impact than mass produced objections. Please ensure your mention that this application will have a harmful effect on the environment, especially as this area has been designated as both AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

• The White Horse Stone is a listed ancient monument of both historical and cultural importance.

• The White Horse Stone is held in great reverence as a site of significant spiritual importance by Odinist’s and other Pagan traditions. The siting of a mobile phone mast in such close proximity would have a very negative affect on this holy site.

• Archaeological evidence has clearly proved that this whole area is a site of high status and of significant historical importance to the county of Kent and England.

• The siting of mobile phone equipment just 5m from the Boxley Warren Nature reserve, an AONB and SSSI area would have a detrimental effect on this area by visually scarring the approach to the Nature reserve, an AONB and SSSI site.

• Siting of mobile phone equipment within close proximity of an AONB, SSSI, North Downs Way and Nature reserve would present an impression that these designations have no importance or integrity and can be ignored.

• If this application is approved it will open the door to other mobile phone network operators to also develop this area.

• The siting of mobile phone equipment on this site will have a detrimental effect on the enjoyment of the many thousands of visitors that come to this area for leisure, walking, cycling, horse riding etc.

• The siting of 3G mobile equipment will have a detrimental effect on the wildlife in this area. There is concern that 3G’s more powerful signal strength could cause long term health problems.

(you do not have to provide proof that there are health issues, it is merely the concern or fear caused by the mobile equipment, real or not, that interests the Local Planning Authorities)

• Lastly please ensure your objections are clear, polite and to the point. Please ask your family to send a letter as well. Letters from children always carry an impact so if you have children please encourage them to send letters also.

The more letters and e-mails we send the greater the chance we have of stopping this at the first stage. Our heritage, our environment and our holy site is in danger, please send your objections to the following address. Please be sure to give your address so that may reply.

Remember your letters / e-mails must be in by the 6th June 2006.

Maidstone Borough Council
Katie Lazam. Planning Dept
13 Tonbridge Road
Kent, ME16 8HG

You may e-mail your objections, but we would prefer you to send letters if possible.

e-mail: Katie.lazam@maidstone.gov.uk

Please give the following reference number in all your communications to the council.

Planning Application Reference: MA/06/0792/N
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