Vika (vikinggoddess) wrote in norse_mythology,


I Have recently updated this web page
Please visit, and let me know what you think..

wotan mit uns.
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I see you make use of the "blank" rune. Can't recommend that.

But, more than the site's content, I'm curious why you'd name your site after a place for oathbreakers and murderers.


On Nástrand is a great hall and evil, and its doors face to the north: it is all woven of serpent-backs like a wattle-house; and all the snake-heads turn into the house and blow venom, so that along the hall run rivers of venom; and they who have broken oaths, and murderers, wade those rivers, even as it says here:

I know a hall standing | far from the sun,
In Nástrand: the doors; | to northward are turned;
Venom-drops fill | down from the roof-holes;
That hall is bordered | with backs of serpents.

There are doomed to wade | the weltering streams
Men that are mansworn, | and they that murderers are.

(Brodeur trans.)