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Ok, so I have this Hela thing going on.  For lack of better words I believe I'm being called to be A Steward for Her.  Again - Not sure that is the right word but it's all that is coming to my pretty scrambled brain right now.

In any case, She is telling me to obtain something that symbolizes Her - likely Jewelry - which I am to wear.  I have many symbols for Odhinn; I wear them constantly as I am his Dottir.  They are tattoos and will never be separate from me.    So now, I'm on a bit of a Quest one might say to find something that is symbolic of Hela.  I'm really not sure where to begin.  I have some ideas but I'm just not sure how to go about finding what I want.  I'm also not sure if I'm having the right ideas.  So I'm looking for a bit of help here.  Some of my ideas are thus:

An Archway - IE Hels Gateway
A Key - to unlock The Gateway
A snowflake or icicle - Representative of the Realm
A Well - the well of Souls
An Orobouros - the life/death/rebirth cycle (of note:  I've always wanted an Orobouros tattoo - could be some merit to the pathworking and symbology there)

so, that is what I've come up with...  To give you an idea of what my Work with Hela is, I will share with you a message received in a Seidhr session explaining to me why I can feel Her touch.  (Thank you Wodandis).

Hela spoke thru the Seeress (something that She rarely does from what I understand) only after "arguing" with Odhinn regarding Who should be the one to convey the message.

"Your path lies in working with the dead.  You are meant to be a guide for souls.   You have known this, but you fear to admit it to yourself, and you don't speak of it.   You fear it because you have felt death come close to you, to your family.   You fear loss, you fear pain.  Your fear makes you shrink away.  You must conquer your fear, for this is your path.   Look into the dark mirror before you, and see.  This is where all of the roads you have followed lead.  This is the training you have been approaching from so many ways.   It is where the Old Man is leading you, and why you feel My touch.  This is where His path and Mine overlap.  Your work is with the dead."


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